The Perch Rooftop Bar in Downtown LA

perch downtown la
lower floor of the perch dtla
Lower floor of the Perch

This is where Magic Starts

The Perch Rooftop lounge in DTLA is special to me. It’s where my now-fiance and I stumbled to on the night we realized we had something special. Looking back 3-years prior, it was one of those movie-esque evenings where the scenery blows by – from a Santa Monica sunset, to being surrounded by squares of city lights in the middle of the LA skyline, to an antique piano room, to firelight and listening to nostalgic emo bands – all while we stayed in focus. She tried to teach me how to waltz that night, so I scuffed up her shoes.

Anyhow, if you want to end up on a picture-perfect rooftop bar in Downtown LA, this is the spot to be. Fancy drinks and wearing pants are to be expected.

How to Get to The Perch

Getting there is part of the experience. From the ground, The Perch is a bit unsuspecting as all the buildings look the same. The one marker is a brass plaque near the doorway. Once you head in, there should be a front-desk clerk and some fish tanks that are lit up. You’re expected to head straight over to the elevator.

Once you get on the elevator, you’ll want to get to as high as it’ll go. It’s likely that you’ll be joined by other guests going to the same place, so ask or follow them on up. After the elevator opens up, you’re still not there. Cross the hallway and pass the piano to a secondary elevator that takes you to the roof and press the button with the bird on it.

If you have some piano chops, I don’t think that taking a seat on the bench is off limits, but your mileage may vary. My fiance and I sat here playing this piano for an hour after we left the bar. Our apologies to the establishment and patrons.

Address from their website:

The Perch LA
448 S Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90013


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