Orange County Date Ideas
Specific Location: Newport, CA

If your date is one with an ability to take in the beauty of nature, the Corona Del Mar tide pools might be a cheap and free date idea in So Cal. Keep in mind that this idea could be considered a heightened walk, so tennis shoes are usually preferred. You will be climbing, hiking, and falling over things;  dress accordingly as you will actually walk over and around tide pools that are nested in rocks.

corona del mar tide pools
Images: NewportBeachRealEstateCafe

The Newport tide pool areas aren’t public attention grabbers, however, the beaches between big public beaches are what you are looking for. The best, in my opinion, are the Corona Del Mar tide pools. During low tide, the water gets low enough to connect both Big and Little Corona. The easiest way to get down towards the marine life is by walking down the hill on the left side (facing the beach) while you are in the residential areas near Marguerite.

My personal suggestion to using this as a date idea is to casually ask your date on a simple walk. Make sure he or she is wearing the proper attire before heading out to the beach. He or she will be wonderfully surprised when the idea of a simple walk turns in to something so spontaneous, yet planned.

As a preservation message, please don’t touch, poke, or destroy the wildlife. The Corona Del Mar tide pools is an excellent date idea and we all hold a special place in our hearts for it. Hopefully you can also make it apart of yours.