Orange County Date Ideas
Specific Location: Long Beach, CA

If you have a bit of cash and want to do something really extraordinary, Southern California has whale watching charters. I guess the area this particular charter sets out of is actually considered Long Beach, CA, however, I believe it borderlines Orange County. Regardless, this is an amazing date idea in Southern California.

HarborBreeze Cruises offers an exceptional whale watching experience. The prices for a day’s trip aren’t too outrageous and the activity is something very unique.

whale watching

Images: 2SeeWhales

The ship sets out of a Long Beach port and out in to the Pacific ocean for around 2 to 3 hours. While on the water, the captain narrates what you are seeing and seeks out all sorts of marine mammal life.

December to mid-May is actually the prime season to catch grey whales out in the water. Prior to now (from June to December) was actually blue whale season. Most charters averaged 2 blue whale sightings in November.

Anyways, for an awesome and unique day out, this Orange County date idea is top notch. A 2 to 3-hour date will probably run you from $60 – $90 without food.



According to their website, adult admission is $45. The tickets I paid for and the link directly on their site that puts you to (for WHALE WATCHING) is $30. I’d expect to pay around the same price.