Try something traditional: Archery

My current fascination has been with Game of Thrones. Has gotten me terribly interested in ye olde date ideas of olde.

The Renaissance fair comes back Saturdays and Sundays April 4th to May 17th and would make a great, weird, geeky date idea. Who doesn’t want a little 15th century romance in their life?

court_archery_photo-caitlin-murphy-400x300Renaissance woman shooting a traditional bow. To find more information about archery, traditional recurve bows, and check out my other site: Stickhunters

A Night of Camping

While it may not be something to take on mid-week, you can gauge how up-to-adventure she is by taking her in to the woods. I wouldn’t recommend taking this route with someone you have just met, but perhaps you are both adventure people.

Our campsite
Our campsite

I had the opportunity to take my lady to Big Sur last week. It was her first time sleeping under the stars since she was a little girl, so she was a bit hesitant to the idea. So Cal has quite a few getaways that give you the sense of romance, closeness, and conversation that only remoteness can bring. To top it off, it’s a cheap way to get her to spend a night with you in a tent. Head to your local Walmart and pick up a tent and a two-person sleeping bad. You’re welcome.

The creek behind our campsite
The creek behind our campsite

We took a spot off of the gorgeous California coast surrounded by redwood trees and a stream. The “glamping” site had facilities, running water, and even a shower. It’s hard to come up with the words to describe the beauty of nature. It’s quiet at first, but when your ears adjust away from the sounds of traffic, the creek gets louder, your ears tune in to birds chirping, and the camp fire makes an audible noise that’ll hypnotize you. In case you can’t sit simply with nature, bring a deck of cards or a board game.

my lady with a deck of cards in the woods
my lady with a deck of cards in the woods

So Cal Zombie Walk – Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

Trying to impress that ridiculously cute hipster girl in the Greater LA area? Don’t know what she likes? Perhaps you were raised on a farm and came to LA¬† after discovering and selling a crude oil deposit under your land (hint: unpop your stupid collar). Well, thanks to thousands of census reports and stem-cell research, we’ve discovered that hipster girls are coded to love zombies. We haven’t discovered the specifics but we do know that there is definitely a correlation between the level of love-for-zombies and used clothes. It’s science.

So. They really really love zombies. Shoot. Who doesn’t? There’s something about the undead that screams romance. Words like: undying (love), unstoppable (to no end), and pursue (her when she walks away) tickle a girl’s subconscious. What girl doesn’t want a dude with braaaaiiiiiinnnnns? Take your date on an undead walk with some of So Cal’s finest zombies in Santa Monica!

The So Cal Zombiewalk is an annual walk in spring where people dress up like zombies and terrorize the LA Coast. It’s great fun and definitely out of the ordinary. Impress away, fellas.

April 16th, 2011
3rd & Promenade in Santa Monica
Meet up time: 6:00 pm at location TBA



With any good zombie anything, preparation is best. You should start by getting your zombie game proper. Hit up your local thrift stores for some good trash-able clothes (Remember: this is a hipster girl; dress to impress). Don’t know of any? She will. I recommend a good pin-striped suit that fits well on the shoulders, legs, and arms; keep it cheap. Thrift store suits should be under $20-$30 for the complete 3-piece set and should be thoroughly shredded. Chicks dig suits. You’ll always looks better in a suit – dead or not.

Once you’ve give your zombie attire a good shredding, you’re going to need the make up. While she might have some good accents to use, glitter sucks – you don’t want to come out looking like an undead RuPaul. Hit some Halloween or party stores up for white, red, and black facial make up to start the facial basics (white for the base coat, black under/around the eyes, black to accent the cheek bones, and red/black on your mouth/shirt/sleeves/etc). Get some of those flesh-wound kits for good measure.

Once you and your date are looking at your worst, head out to 3rd and Promenade in Santa Monica. Make sure to continually check: for updates. That’s about it! Happy haunting!

Free Beach Fishing in Southern California

I’ve been away for quite some time. I’ve been terribly busy transferring positions within a company, moving my crap to LA, and taking on freelance work. Come tomorrow, I will be a Playa Del Rey resident living on the beach and commuting to Santa Monica. While the process has been somewhat tedious, the beach vibe is totally worth it and has led me to this next quick post.



I don’t know how useful of a date idea this is considering your lady-friend might be a bit squeamish. Even if she is, she’ll have plenty of opportunity to catch up on her tan as you grow a beard and do other awesome manly things that fishing involves. Shoot… you should make yourself a badge if you do end up CATCHING A CRITTER from the beach water.

The issue when fishing in California is that most sport fishing requires you to own a fishing license (good for an annual year for around $40) when fishing out of state, county, or shore water. If caught without a license in these situations, the rangers will take your critters, your gear, and your money. Don’t do this.

The only free spots to fish out of California are off of public piers.

Taken directly from the Department of Fish and Game:
Anyone 16 years and older must have a fishing license to take any kind of fish, mollusk, invertebrate, amphibian or crustacean in California, except for persons angling from a public pier in ocean or bay waters. A license is required to take reptiles, except for rattlesnakes.

According to this statement (on the DFG site as of 3/10/11, or this posting date), you must have a sport fishing license in order to fish in California unless on a PUBLIC PIER.

“What is considered a public pier,” you ask? The DFG defines a public pier as:
A public pier is defined in the sport fishing regulations as a publicly owned man-made structure that has the following characteristics: is connected, above the mean high tide, to the main coastline or to the land mass of a named and charted natural island; has unrestricted free access for the general public; and has been built or currently functions for the primary purpose of allowing angling access to ocean waters.

My personal general rule-of-thumb is that if you have 3 bodies of water surrounding you (left, right, front), you are probably on a place legal to fish.

Here is the list of our free California angling spots on
Free Fishing in Southern California