It seems adolescent and dumb, but rock collecting is something that makes an impression. I imagine there are only a handful of people who have taken their love interest rockhounding when they’re first getting to know someone. For that reason, this is a unique date idea and something that will strike a chord with someone you’re newly dating. If you’re looking to put someone on the relationship track, this is the one. If you’ve been together for a long time, this can be a rewarding new hobby you and your significant other get to experience together. If you’ve never been exposed to rockhounding before, I’d recommendRead More →

perch downtown la

This is where Magic Starts The Perch Rooftop lounge in DTLA is special to me. It’s where my now-fiance and I stumbled to on the night we realized we had something special. Looking back 3-years prior, it was one of those movie-esque evenings where the scenery blows by – from a Santa Monica sunset, to being surrounded by squares of city lights in the middle of the LA skyline, to an antique piano room, to firelight and listening to nostalgic emo bands – all while we stayed in focus. She tried to teach me how to waltz that night, so I scuffed up her shoes. Anyhow, ifRead More →